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What you should know about the results of the Smart BMI Calculator

What the calculator knows about you

Your height, weight, age and sex, probably your target weight and some of your dieting habits.

What the calculator does not know

Whether you are a real person or have just entered some data out of curiosity. Your physical and mental health condition. Your genetic constitution. Your amounts of body fat, muscle and other fat-free mass. Your intake of calories, sugar, fat, salt, processed meat, fruit, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, supplements and other relevant nutrition data. Your consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. The history of your diseases. Whether you have been in hospital or examined by a doctor recently, or at some earlier time in your life. Your physical activities and your level of fitness.

Whether you have used other BMI calculators before and how you rate your weight, i.e. as normal, too high or too low. How much you like or dislike your body.

BMI, sex, age and health risk

All that is mentioned in this site as regards health risk is derived from only three known sources of information, i.e. body mass index, sex and age. There will be much more information that is unknown and probably of more significance, but this cannot be taken into account. Therefore, "health risk", as it is used here, is only a piece in a puzzle, i.e. the health risk that can be attributed statistically to the body mass index. Try to find out the extent to which this particular health risk may be relevant in your specific case. Ask your doctor if necessary.

How to make use of suggestions

On the results page, you may find suggestions about weight management, nutrition and physical activity. They are addressed in general to a group of persons with your sex, age and body mass index. Whether these suggestions are useful for you depends on numerous factors. For instance, if you are very muscular with low body fat, a high BMI does not necessarily mean that you should lose weight. In contrast, you may be obese despite having a normal BMI if you are not very muscular and have a high body fat mass. In such a case, weight management should be an issue for you, no matter what the results page may tell you.

If the suggestions disagree with those of your doctor, do not change your behaviour without consulting him first.

If you are a doctor, you can enter data of your patient to assess BMI-related health risks and balance them against other data of this patient.

No liability

These suggestions are followed at your own risk. The owner of the Smart BMI Calculator shall not be held liable in any way.



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